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Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord


Even though Jesus was without sin, nevertheless, he was baptised by John the Baptist. Jesus joins us now as we meet to celebrate the Eucharist in his name. Let us draw near to him who is the messenger of the Father’s love and mercy.


Gospel: The baptism of Jesus is celebrated


Theme of the Weekend Readings:  We celebrate Jesus’ baptism and our own baptism.

First Reading:  The prophet Isaiah looks forward to the coming of Jesus who will do marvellous things.

Second Reading: Salvation is possible for all people because of God’s great compassion.


Weekday Masses:


Wednesday & Thursday             No Mass

Friday                                                                 9.30


Recent Death: Paddy Murphy, Donard


Paddy Hennessy, Hoodsgrove

Mary McCormack, Begerin Loftus

Michael Ryan, Glentiroe

Dick, Anastasia Ryan, Ballycurran& daughter Bridget Fitzpatrick, Knockmoyle


Fr. Dan is available to visit parishioners especially those who are sick. Please contact Fr. Dan at 051-421515 or   087-2335432


Cead Mile Failte: We welcome into the Christian Community Mary Connors, daughter of Daniel and Alice, Raheen, who was baptised in Rosbercon Church on     Tuesday 1st January, 2019. We also welcome Biddy Berry, daughter of Andrew and Mary, Raheen, who was baptised in Rosbercon Church on Tuesday 1st January, 2019.


Christmas Offerings: Many thanks to all who have contributed so generously to the Christmas Offerings. Your generosity to the Parish and to the Priests is much appreciated.


Many thanks to all, who supported The Annual Giving Tree in Rosbercon Church this year. Through the tree, gifts are brought to the elderly patients of the two local hospitals in New Ross. Your generosity is much appreciated.


Parishioners who wish to make their contributions to the Parish/Priest of Rosbercon for 2019 by Standing Order can do so by giving their name to Fr. Dan. People may find this facility useful as it eliminates all envelopes and also simplifies parish administration.


The Loop System, for the hard of hearing, is in operation in Rosbercon Church. Hearing aid wearers with a ‘T’ (telecoil) can now hear directly through their hearing aids if they turn their aid to the setting marked T.


Request for Funding: The Parish Building Fund now stands at €559,054.40, which is a wonderful achievement. We have so many reasons to be grateful. We need to chip away at our remaining debt! You might like to make a small contribution to the Building Fund in the New Year. Many thanks for your generosity.


Dates for your Diary:

Friday 29th March 2019: Sacrament of Confirmation in Rosbercon Church  

Saturday 4th May 2019: First Eucharist Rosbercon

Saturday 18th May 2019: First Eucharist Listerlin


Collection of Parish Funds 5th/6th January, 2019:

Offertory Collection:   €749.00  

Weekly Envelopes:     €1,051.00

Parish Building Fund on 8th January 2019:     



A Prayer for the New Year

Lord, in this New Year which we have begun

May we have enough happiness to keep us agreeable,

Enough trials to keep us strong,

Enough sorrow to keep us human

Enough freedom to keep us happy,

Enough failure to keep us humble,

Enough success to keep us eager,

Enough wealth to meet our needs,

Enough faith to banish depression,

Enough hope to look forward,

Enough love to give us comfort,

And enough determination to keep going.


Rosbercon Parish Safeguarding Representatives are Brid Vereker, Millbanks Close and Anne O’ Sullivan, Ballykenna. If you have a Safeguarding concern, contact Brid or Anne.


Mass Intentions for the Saturday/Sunday,

19th/20th January 2019


Sat 19th January Rosbercon: Pat, John and Kitty Wilkinson, Ballybeg, Rosbercon.

Sun 20th January Rosbercon: Patrick Long, Ballyknock


Prayer for the Feast of the Baptism of Christ

 God our Creator, we thank you for the wonder of new life and for the mystery of human love. We give thanks for all whose support and skill surround and sustain the early years of life. As Jesus knew love and discipline within a   human family, may all children grow up in faith and wisdom. As Mary knew the joys and pains of motherhood, give all parents your sustaining grace and love. We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.






The Fiddler of Dooney by W. B. Yeats


When we come at the end of time

To Peter sitting in state

He will smile on the three old spirits

But call me first, through the gate.


For the good are always merry

Saved by an evil chance

And the merry love to fiddle

And the merry love to dance


And when the folk there spy me

They will all come up to me

With here is the Fiddler of Dooney

And dance like a wave of the sea.


Humour: The teacher was telling the Bible story of Sodom

and Gomorrah to her class, explaining that when Lot’s wife

looked back she turned into a pillar of salt.   Suddenly

little Johnny interrupted saying ‘My mommy looked back

once while she was driving’ he announced ‘and she turned 

into a telephone pole.’


Wisdom: Good manners and soft words have brought many a difficult thing to pass.



There was one winner of the Bingo Jackpot of €550.00.

Next Bingo Night is Wednesday 16th January at 8pm. Lotto Prize will be €200.00


Irish Wheelchair Association

Irish Wheelchair Association will be holding their church gate collection on:

Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th of January 2019.

Your support would be gratefully appreciated


St Canices

The closing date for the receipt of applications for enrolment into Junior Infants for August/ September 2019 in St. Canice’s National School is Friday, February 8th 2019.

Application forms can be obtained from the school office or by phoning (051) 422813 or email: stcanicesns@gmail.com



TULLOGHER GLENMORE PLOUGHING – On Saturday January 26th with an 11am start, the annual ploughing match organised by the Tullogher Glenmore Ploughing   Association is taking place in Ballyreddy, Tullogher. The lands for this year’s ploughing is with the kind permission of the Grennan family. All the usual classes will be in competition on the day and great prizes are on offer. Entries will be accepted by Nicholas Kelly at 0872567866 and by Michael Holden at 0858463798 before 8pm on Wednesday January 23rd. All are welcome to come along and enjoy the ploughing.


Tidy Towns

LISTERLIN TIDY TOWNS – The Listerlin Tidy Towns group having formed in recent times are planning for the year ahead in terms of work and enhancements and also in terms of fundraising. To this end the group are planning a cake sale in the coming weeks and your support for this fundraiser would be much appreciated.


Employment Opportunity

Rosbercon CE Scheme has a vacancy in Oaklands Fishing Lake for a lake attendant. DEASP Community Employment terms and conditions apply. Please phone 086 3642592 / 051 425093 for further details.




Rosbercon Parish Newsletter, 13th January 2019

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Author: Eamon Kissane