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Rosbercon Parish Newsletter, 8th December 2019

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Fr. Dan Cavanagh P.P.  051 421515 087-2335432

Parish Office:  Phone 051-425093   Opening Hours 9.30am—12.30pm

Second Sunday of Advent

In today’s readings we hear again the voice of John the Baptist calling us to prepare a way for the Lord. We create a space in our minds and hearts so that the Lord may come to us in this Mass.

Theme of the Weekend Readings: We are called upon to change our lives during the season of Advent.

First Reading: The coming of the Messiah will bring justice and peace.

Second Reading:  The Scriptures were written to teach us about God’s promises.

Gospel:  John the Baptist preaches.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception will this year be celebrated on Monday, 9th December. Monday is not a Holy Day of Obligation. Mass in Rosbercon on Monday Evening at 7:00 pm

Weekend Masses:

Saturday 14th December:

No Mass in Rosbercon

Sunday 8th December:

9:30 am Mass in Mullinarrigle

11:00 am Mass in Rosbercon

Weekday Masses:


Monday 9th December               7:00 pm.

Wednesday and Friday:            9:30 am.

Thursday:                                  9:45 am.


Noel Banville, Shanbough (Months Mind)

Robert Snr/Jnr and Marty Doyle

Ned and Mary Mernagh, Assumption Terrace

Pat O’Neill, Tinneranny,

Biddy Doyle, School House Road,

John Sinnott, Raheen, Rosbercon

Margaret (Peg) Ryan, Guilcough

Enid Wright, Bristol

David Wilson, Ardross

Hanora Kenneally, Glensensaw and London (1st Anniv.) and her husband Daniel Kenneally

We thank all who have contributed so generously to the October Stations and November Offerings.  Outstanding envelopes may be handed in at Mass or to the Parochial House. We thank our parishioners for the continued loyalty to the Churches of the Parish.

Christmas Reconciliation Services: Confessions for Christmas will be heard after the weekend Masses in Rosbercon and Listerlin, on Sunday, 8th December and after the remaining weekend Masses of Advent.

Christmas Masses: Due to health and safety concerns, the Christmas Eve Vigil Mass this year will be celebrated in Listerlin (Mullinarrigle) at 6:00 pm and the Christmas    Morning Mass will be celebrated in Tullogher at 9:30 am. The Christmas Eve Mass in Rosbercon will be at 8:00 pm and the Christmas Day Mass in Rosbercon will be at 11:00 am.

The Mission of the Church in Changing Times: Due to unforeseen circumstances, for the month of December (ONLY) Mass will be celebrated in Rosbercon and Glenmore on the same Saturdays, 7th and 21st December. There will be no Mass in Rosbercon or Glenmore on Saturday 14th or 28th December. The usual Sunday Masses in Rosbercon and Listerlin will be celebrated every       weekend.

Bishop Dermot Farrell’s letter to the people of the Diocese entitled Pastoral Letter: Our Living Church Winter 2019 is available at the back of the Churches of the Parish. This short letter deals with change in the church since its beginning. Change is a fact of life for all of us. Bishop Dermot’s letter also deals with recent changes in parish structures and in the times of our Masses.

There will be a meeting of the Parish Hall Committee in the Parochial House on Tuesday 10th December at 7:30 pm.

Rosbercon Parish Draw.  To help meet our financial    commitments and continue to maintain the Buildings of the Parish we will be holding our usual Parish Draw on Sunday 8th December 2019. Tickets are being distributed to the homes of the parish at present. Tickets cost €2.00 each or a book of 6 for €10.00. Each household and wage earner is asked to buy three books or as many as you can!!

Renovation of the Parish Hall: Over the next year we need to raise in the region of €40,000.00 to meet the cost of further renovations to the Parish Hall to comply with the new standards of safety required by the Fire Officer and recent Health and Safety Legislation. The works involve the      constructing of Emergency Exit Access Ramps and the  fitting of Fire Safety Doors and Fire Shields. We are also installing new alarm systems and improved lighting. With the putting down of the Tarmacadam in October this year we now have a Parish Hall we can all be proud of.

Collection of Parish Funds 30th /1st December 2019:

Offertory Collection:                            €650.00

Weekly Envelopes:                                                                  €705.00

Parish Building Fund on 4th December 2019:      €559,954.40

Parish Debt on 4th December 2019:    €44,781.40

 Mass Intentions for the Saturday/Sunday,

14th/15th December 2019 

Mullinarrigle: Sunday 15th December at 9:30 am:

Julia Murphy, Brownsford and her daughter Catherine French, Gorey

Rosbercon: Sunday 15th December at 11:00 am:

Patrick Scarff, Yorkshire and Bray (2nd Anniv.)

Richard Hennessy, Hoodsgrove

Rosbercon Parish Pastoral Council would like to send a Christmas Greeting Card for 2019 to parishioners who have emigrated from the parish down the years. Please let us have the names and addresses of any family members, friends or neighbours whom you wish to receive a card. The emigrants will also be remembered at our Parish Christmas Masses. Names may be handed in or posted, texted or emailed to Fr. Dan or emailed to Jamesie Murphy at

Advent Encircling Prayer

Circle me Lord

Keep protection near; keep danger afar.

Circle me Lord.

Keep hope within; keep doubt without.

Circle me Lord.

Keep light near; keep darkness afar.

Circle me Lord

Keep peace within; keep strife without.

Circle me Lord

Keep love within; keep hate without.


Christ Comes

In the beginning was the word…

He who comes, comes to us now.,

In the silence, in the darkness

In the confusion, In the loneliness

As Word and as Light

as Truth and as Love

Emmanuel, the name that means,




To an open house in the evening,

Home shall all men come,

To an older place than Eden,

And a taller town than Rome.

To the end of the way of the wandering star,

To the things that cannot be and that are,

To the place where God was homeless,

And all men are at home.           G. K. Chesterton


“Love is like the wild rose briar,

 Friendship, like the holly tree.

 The holly is dark when the rose briar blooms,

 But which will bloom most constantly.”   Emily Bronte

Wisdom: “A gracious word many smooth the way; a joyous word may light the day; a timely word may lessen stress; a lovely word may heal and bless”

Humour: A woman wearing a fur coat was accosted on the street by an animal rights protester. ‘What wretched animal had to die to let you wear that?’ She replied ‘My mother-in-law’

There will be a Special Mass with Anointing of the Sick for the ‘Over 55s’ of the parishin Rosbercon Hall on   Sunday 8th December at 3:00 pm. followed by a reception and music. This will be followed by the Parish Draw at 4:30 pm. All are welcome to attend.

Rosbercon Parish Safeguarding Representatives are Brid Vereker, Millbanks Close and Anne O’ Sullivan, Ballykenna. If you have a Safeguarding concern, contact Brid or Anne. Please note Safeguarding Statements are displayed in the porches of the Churches of the Parish.

¨ Bingo

Next Bingo Night is Wednesday 11th December at 8 pm.  Lotto Prize will be €875.00 and also Split the Pot and other fantastic prizes on the night.

¨ Christmas Trees

Christmas trees for sale ranging in size from 5ft to 7ft. Please contact Michael Grennan on 0876101161. Delivery also available.

¨ Healing and Worship

In honour of Our Lady on The Feast of the Immaculate Conception. A day of Holy Spirit filled Healing and Worship with  Catholic Evangelist Brendan Walsh on Sunday December 8th, Bridge Hotel Waterford 11 am 4:30 pm.  Admission is free. All are welcome.

¨ Irish Dance Classes

The Mernagh Academy of Irish Dance is currently recruiting new students for the new dance season. Classes are held at Rosbercon Parish Hall and instructed by Séamas Mernagh TCRG, Fully qualified, Garda vetted, Túsla Children First Certified and Insured teacher. Class times are Monday & Friday 4-5 pm and “Tots Academy” Saturday 10-11 am. Please see Mernagh Academy on Facebook or call 0876729435 for further information.

¨ Meals On Wheels

Make your life easy and avoid all that cooking book your piping hot meals today and every day at the same time having a caring person calling every day to deliver your meals. Contact: The Manager,  Meals On Wheels. St.   Aidan’s Centre, Cross St. New Ross. Phone : 051-445711

¨ St. Joseph’s AC—Annual Stephen’s Day Run

St. Joseph’s AC will host their Annual St. Stephen’s Day Festive 5k Fun Run at the Pink Rock at 12 noon. Enjoy a stroll or jog or whatever way you fancy after the indulgements of Christmas Day. The view of the nearly completed Bridge will be on route so make it a Family Day out and bring all the relations along. Lots of Spot prizes, Prizes for the Best Fancy Dress Adult and Child. Donations accepted on the day.

Author: Eamon Kissane