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Reopening our Churches

A Message from Fr Dan

Public Masses will resume in Rosbercon Church on Saturday 4th July at 7 pm.: It has been three months since we last assembled for Mass and it is very good news that next week we will be able to pray together and celebrate Mass and the Sacraments.

The Weekly Programme of Masses for the month of July will be: Rosbercon Church: Wednesday & Friday at 10am: Saturday at 7pm except the 1st Saturday of the month (from August). Sunday at 11am. Listerlin Church: Sunday at 9.30am: Tullogher Church: First Saturday of the month at 7pm (beginning in August)

What preparations are needed for the resumption of Mass? Because of the two-meter social distancing regulation, the calculated capacity of the Churches is as follows: Rosbercon: 52, Listerlin: 62 (two galleries) Tullogher: 40.

Sanitisers have been installed at the entrance doors to the churches, signs have been placed to direct the movement of people and seating arrangements have been prepared to respect social distancing. A sign will be placed at the door of the Church when the number allowed have been admitted.

Entering the Church: Enter the Church through the main door only. Sanitize hands on entering the Church. Ushers will monitor numbers and show you to your seat. Enter the seats from the Center Aisle and exit from the Side Aisle. Cordoned off seats may not be used. Two people may sit in each seat one at each end. However, a family or people from the same household may use the same seat. Maintain a 2 Meter distance at all times.

Holy Communion: The celebrant will distribute Holy Communion at the altar and a Eucharistic Minister will distribute Holy Communion at the Entrance Door of the Church. People come to Communion in single file maintaining the two-metre distance. People who are unable to come for Communion will receive in their seat.The Priest/Eucharistic Minister will wear a face mask and sanitise their hands before and after Communion. Communion will be dropped in the hand of those receiving, without hands touching. Communion will be taken in the hand only.

Exiting the Church: Leave the Church by the side aisles, (also by the side doors in Listerlin.) Sanitise hands. Be aware of the need to keep social distancing outside the Church after Mass.

Lighting Candles: Only one person at a time may light candles at the shrine. Light candles from candles already lighting.

Church Collections: Collection Boxes will be left at the doors of the Church for your offerings.

After Mass: After Mass, seats and other surfaces that people touch will need to be cleaned.

Volunteers needed: Volunteers will be needed to clean the church after Mass. Ushers will be needed to maintain the safe movement of people.

Eucharistic Ministers will remain in the Sanctuary during Mass and will sanitise their hands before and after Holy Communion. They will wear a visor.

Readers will remain in the Sanctuary during Mass.

Altar Servers: Because of social distancing in the sacristy, altar servers will not be resuming their duties for the moment.

Please Note: The challenge we face is to accommodate the people who wish to come to Mass. The numbers allowed into the Church are relatively small. We have to respect the regulations. Our first obligation is to safeguard the health of our people. The Sunday obligation has been lifted so Fr Dan asks that as many as can would attend Mass on Wednesday and Friday leaving the Saturday and Sunday Masses for those who can only come on weekends. We also hope to have the outside microphones working so people can attend Mass in the Church foreground.People who are vulnerable and who have underlying medical conditions are asked not to attend Mass for the moment.